50 FIRST DATES (2004)

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7581e2e610db42607e6682444af0edf750 First Dates is a 2004 American romantic comedy film starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It was directed by Peter Segal and released last February 13, 2004.

Henry Roth is a man who lives in a paradise with endless women but afraid of commitments, this changes when he met Lucy Whitmore. They enjoy the company of each other and Henry thinks that Lucy is the girl she wanted. The next day, when Henry sees Lucy again, he was confused that Lucy didn’t recognize her. He discovers that Lucy has short-term memory loss and keeps forgetting him and every single day she has. Could love bloom in this condition? Could Henry make her to remember him and make her fall in love all over and over again?
50 First Dates is a sincere and a very heartfelt comedy drama that has an interesting plot that will make you feel in love, laugh and moved your hearts no matter how many times you viewed the film. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore has an amazing chemistry on screen that makes this film success with the help of Peter Segal to wrap this film in a very touching way.
The days when Henry made efforts to Lucy, just to remember him is truly remarkable. How could one fell in love knowing the person will always forget you the day after you spent time with her? This made the film more interesting as Henry makes Lucy fell in love with every single day they have and hoping that Lucy could remember even just a tiny bit of him.
The side characters too made a great part to give the story a twist of comedy despite of the serious and very heartfelt scenes it got. The film has a charming story that could captivate anyone that sometimes one could feel sad and depressed as the story goes on but you’ll keep hoping and guessing what will happen to the both of them with this short-memory loss condition. The setting, music backdrops and actors made this film a success in bringing up a genuine love story that could touch a million hearts.

50 FIRST DATES (2004)
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