Annabelle (2014)

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Annabelle, a doll is responsible for demonic occurrences at the Forms’ home. A young couple has moved into the neighborhood. Both are expecting the arrival of a child. John Form is a romantic guy who finds his wife a doll named Annabelle. After settling, disruptive noises are heard emanating from their neighbor’s house. Their neighbors’ believed to be in a cult are killed shortly after Mia (Annabelle Wallis) alerts the police of a murder event nearby. Blood from the lady who had killed herself drops on the doll. This is a sign that the doll has acquired demonic spirits. The victims who are now dead are thought to have originated from a certain sect involved with devil worship activities.
The doll does not seem to disappear even after moving to a new house. The couple locates the doll in their new home. This is followed by bizarre happenings. A visit to her nearby neighbor is not of much help. Evelyn (Alfre Woodard) confesses that she killed by daughter misguidedly in a road accident. Mia attempts to get help from the father but it’s fruitless. The doll vanishes and it’s later discovered that there is a spirit that controls the doll. In order for the spirit to disappear completely, there has to be a sacrifice and in this case, it is Mia’s soul. In a bid to save the Forms’ Evelyn takes her life.
Although the film has a weak plot, it has been able to bring out a storyline of individuals residing happy not until when hell breaks loose. The breathtaking scenes in the movie make it worth watching. The film begins with a view of an adorable and happy family that leaves us speechless. The cinematographer has also been able to capture beautiful shots of houses across the street. There is a great effort done by the cast and crew to enhance steady flow of events. The director has been able to organize the scenes perfectly such that the film creates a continuous flow of events.
Annabelle is a great movie to watch.

Annabelle (2014)
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