Apocalypse Now (1979)

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This film seeks to illustrate the story of an aftermath of a dangerous war. The Vietnam War is now done. Colonel Marlon Brando has gone nuts and now commands a force like a King. This breeds a great concern by the United States government. It in turn appoints a captain to look into the matter. The captain with assistance of other men embarks on a journey to terminate the kingdom. In carrying out this task, they use airplanes to attack Brando’s territory.
The captain comes face to face with a leader of the people; the chief. He convinces him that he is in charge of the operation. The two merge together and commence their way to Brando’s territory. They are however attacked by indigenous people in the forest hence some of the men die. The chief also dies in the process and some of his men turn against the captain. On arrival at Brando’s complex the captain is caught and tormented before he is released. He attacks at an odd hour killing Brando and emerging out of his house with his belonging. The people bow in respect as the captain and his ally leave. They have to beat all odds to survive.
The film has magnificent scenes. The helicopters’ view in the sky is beautiful and adorable. The filming of the jets is absolutely incredible. The captain looks funny after getting off his shirt to receive a call. Further his narration and comparison of a dead body to gasoline is hilarious. The surfing of the boat in the river is appealing. There is a beautiful shot of the captain when he comes face to face with the natives. The trumpet blowing scene is ridiculous. At the river how the women participate in the dance is truly mouth watering.
The film has some terrible parts too. The bombing and explosion envisioned in the village is nasty. This causes massive destruction of property and many lives are lost. Smoke fills place and civilians can be seen trying to cross the river. Helicopter that aid in the bombing process cause a lot of havoc to the village. It’s scary to see Brando interrogate the captain who is scared as hell. Most of the fighting scenes in the movie end up in bloodbaths.
This is a great piece of movie to watch.

Apocalypse Now (1979)
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