Back to the Future(1985)

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back to the future

Back to the Future is a science fiction adventure comedy film that tells about the story of Marty McFly, a teenager who lives in a small-town in California. He has a girlfriend named Jennifer and he has a life that he needs to endure because of his father and mother. Marty’s father was bullied by his supervisor George and his mother is an alcoholic one. Due to unexpected happenings with his scientist friend Dr. Emmett Brown who is working on a time machine, he was transported back in time to the 50’s and accidentally encountered his parents at that time. He has a mission to fulfill to save the life of Dr. Brown and to bring himself back in time where he belongs.
Funny, clever and super entertaining are the words to describe this film. It’s a classic film that gave a time travel adventure back to the past. The plot and the acting was over the top that makes it a film of all time. Science fiction genre films are always on the list in theaters today but this film has a different touch that one will surely like.
A car that is a time machine, plutonium operated, science and other more story-made facts were all the components that made this film really interesting and worth it to watch. The most unforgettable scene for this movie is the time when Marty went to the past and tries to convince Dr. Brown about the circumstances that they have been. The other chain of events that happened in 50’s that is connected to Marty’s future is quite really interesting on how did they put together this kind of story.
What is good about this movie is that it lets you peek on the past. The humor and even the soundtrack that they used were really convincing on how they described a life during 50’s. If one is watching it, one could really feel that he or she is on that time because of the details that they put effort to the film, like the hairstyles, wardrobe, setting and the way the actors should act. Over all, this is an all-time favorite classic film that has its own charm and could win a lot of people’s heart.

Back to the Future(1985)

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