Batman Vs Superman (2016)

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batman-vs-supermanSuperman’s (Henry Cavill) massive fight with Zod (Michael Shannon) ruined the city of Metropolis completely and the world really needs a hero now. The loss of life and damage left the people of Gotham city annoyed, angry and weak including Batman (Ben Affleck) that convinced Batman that Superman is now a new threat to humanity. Batman and Superman were at war with one another. While Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), began an illegal campaign against Superman. Once again, Mankind was in a great danger then it’s ever known before.
Batman Vs Superman is a great superhero movie. This movie has excellent action scenes better than the trailer. Although the doomsday scenes; has dreadful CGI scenes and action. Director Zak Snyder portrays Affleck’s character as the eyes of the viewers to get an outside perspective of the surrounding madness and devastation, and he does it successfully. Ben Affleck is quite easily the best live-action Batman. He plays a terrific Batman. Gadot doesn’t need bulking muscles to be a warrior she plays badass action scenes and fight sense are exceptional. She is truly a Goddess. Jesse plays a role like the true devil and villain. Henry Cavill as usual playing a bore Superman and Batman and Lex stole the whole show and people’s heart. This movie has great and amazing visual effects, cinematography and soundtrack. The storyline has a weak plot but action scenes covered it beautifully. It’s thrilling, exciting and beautifully shot. This is what Zak (Director) always does.
Coming towards the movie flaws and weak point, the annoying thing is why two superheroes are made to fight with each other? Why is Doomsday angry with Superman? Why does Luthor have stylish logos for each Metahuman? When Batman steals the Kryptonite?
There is no persuasive cause behind Lex Luthor’s detestation towards Superman. They handle superman badly. He needs to be a symbol of hope. The representation in the movie is mysterious. This shows more of a batman movie with superman playing a small part in it. Batman’s world is too dark for superman. If they want to combine their worlds, then let Batman play his role in Superman’s world.
Except all flaws and weak stuff, if you are the fan of superheroes and comics, this is the movie for you.

Batman Vs Superman (2016)
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