Black Swan (2010)

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Black swan is a movie centered on professional ballerina dancing. Natalie Portman lands the job of a ballerina dance. She is expected to portray the role of both a white and black swan. Portman is perfect at being a white swan. Practicing as a black swan proves to be difficult. She is compelled to change her role and retain the part of a white swine alone. It’s from this point that Natalie begins to experience weird occurrences especially through delusions. This causes bodily harm in one instance where she stabbed herself. Portman is forced to awake to the reality that she is just being delusional.
The grand opening of the stage is breathtaking. Natalie’s has got quite a good experience in ballet dancing. The film displays a congregation of ballet dancers in different uniforms. This makes the film appear authentic. What’s more is that the film maker has been able to capture shots of Natalie’s home hence giving the impression of an ideal and friendly family. Shots taken are worth a lifetime. For instance pictures unveiled from Portman’s grand entrance are unbelievable. Finally I can’t fail to notice the exemplary task done by ballet dancers in bringing this act together. The dancing scene maybe confused to be real. Soothing music playing at the background definitely gets our attention. Natalie’s relationship wither director is incredible.
Not all parts of the movie are enticing as it seems. Natalie’s discovery of a rush on her back unveils numerous horrendous happenings. At some point, she perceives herself in another being. She believes that somebody has taken her form of being. Natalie is delusional and supposes that someone is after her. She is forced to fight to get out of her mind. In the process, she tears down all pictures in a bid to escape the ordeal. In the end, Portman achieves the dream of being a black swan and is accorded quite a round of applause. At the dressing room it is revealed that she hurt herself while dancing. The crew is quick to attend to her.
The director deserves a standing ovation for his excellent job.
Catch a glimpse of the black swan movie any day anytime. It’s interesting to watch ballet.

Black Swan (2010)
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