Central Intelligence (2016)

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Sounds like a hard core action filled type of movie right? Well, I cannot blame you because based from the title itself, you will think that this movie will greatly involve guns, cops, some bad guys etc. But wait till you watch the movie
The movie first started from a flashback from 1996, where Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is being recognized for an award. Meanwhile, Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) who was an outcast and was taking a shower was carried out into the gym by his high schools bullies leaving him completely nude. With his kind heart, Calvin immediately took off his jacket and gave to Robbie and left the school. Twenty years had passed; Calvin got married to his high school sweetheart, Maggie and working as an accountant. Unsatisfied with his career, Calvin decided not to come to their 20 year high school reunion. At the same day, Calvin received a Facebook invitation from a guy named Bob Stone where eventually they met in a local pub. Calvin got surprised to see that Bob Stone was actually his schoolmate Robbie who has just changed his name. Little did Calvin knew that Rob a.k.a. Bob Stone was accused as a rogue CIA agent and secretly asked for his help to trace the so called “Black Badger” using the satellite codes. Their adventure started there where CIA keeps on chasing Bob while Bob was chasing the Black Badger.

I must commend the actors in this action comedy movie especially Dwayne Johnson, who we all know as the “Rock” has a very strong physical attribute yet was really good in comedy too! Kevin Hart, on the other hand, not to mention he is born to be a comedian, can also kick some ass! Both Kevin & Dwayne, has this comedic chemistry that make the movie funnier even when there is nothing funny at all! Though, I must say the movie plot is very predictable, this make the movie lighter and good for an afternoon stress reliever or pastime. What I really like about this movie was the virtues you can learn from this movie. I was really amazed that immediately on the first scene; Calvin has imparted a timely message against bullying and reminded us of how it greatly affects one’s life may it be good or bad. All of us should play a great part of stopping bullies from ruining one’s self esteem and life. Kevin’s character has also taught us that life is not what we always expect it to be. There will be time that we will be on the top receiving all the praises and there will come a time where we are at our lowest. However, we should never give up and let our frustrations affects us and our family surrounding us. Life is a circle fill of happiness & sadness so if you are having rough times, just have faith in yourself and from above that everything will be OK. Bob, being the target of bullying, has also taught us lesson that life is tough. There will be someone or something that will hinder us from our success but we should never ever stop. The tandem of Bob & Calvin, also shown that friendship can help us mold to a better person we ought to be. We will be forever grateful that they became part of who we are. So choose your friends wisely and always be nice to anyone for you will never know how greatly you can affect their lives.

Central Intelligence (2016)
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