Cinderella (2015)

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Cinderella is an American romantic film about the story of a girl named Ella who lives with an almost perfect life, she has loving parents and living on a beautiful estate, until everything crumble down when her mother falls ill and died. Her father remarried to a women who have two daughters named Anastasia and Drisella. Ella’s life gone bas when her father goes abroad for a business and that’s when her stepmother revealed her cruelness and hate for Cinderella. That doesn’t stop there until Ella’s fathered died while on his trip forcing Ella to be a servant so that they could save money. She was called Cinderella because she mostly sleeps near the fireplace allowing cinders to be on her face. While she is on the woods, she met a guy not knowing he’s a prince and that’s the start of a life she had never imagined before.
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Who could forget that line? Of course, every girl knows this chant! A famous spell of Fairy godmother of Cinderella that made all the magic on the story. Who could never forget those cruel stepsisters and her stepmother? Do you remember what will happen when midnight comes? How about those cute little mice? This film made a wonderful job in turning the famous animated film into live-action. The actors and actresses did a great job in doing their role that it made the classic film into a refreshingly good one. The animations, the visuals and the breathtaking wardrobe they have are truly remarkable like the dress of Cinderella that is so memorable like it truly belongs to the fairy tale world.
The style is still much the same from the animated film like the opening from the sky and tweeting of the birds. It may be old fashioned but that’s how Cinderella is and will always be. It may be different from the famous Frozen princesses of today’s era but Cinderella is still one of the most irreplaceable princesses of Disney that we love and will always be in our hearts. This film gives a nostalgic feeling of childhood and Disney proved that they still haven’t lost their old-fashion magic.

Cinderella (2015)

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