Citizen Kane (1941)

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A rich celebrated newspaper Orson Welles aka Foster Kane has died in his house. Before his untimely death he mentioned the word ‘Rosebud’. In his hands was some globe which fell down and split into tiny parts. The story is picked up by some reporter who is interested to find out the meaning of the word rosebud. He finds Kane’s story in an archive that indicates that he originated from a humble background.
His story is quite interesting. Kane was forced to move to Colorado to pursue education at a young age. After his studies he made it as a publisher in a New York magazine. The reporter also interviewed several persons who were close to him. It turns out that he was a manipulative person who bought his way out. He even married the President’s daughter but later on divorced. He married another wife who was a singer but was forced to change her career after Kane’s several attempts to sabotage it. She almost committed suicide. She also dumped him and a result he became hysterical but when he saw a snow globe he uttered the words ‘Rosebud’. The reporter fails to discover the meaning of the word. It turns out the meaning of the word is a sleigh that Kane used to play with at his hometown before he moved to the city.
There are lots of laughable parts in this movie. The singing scene is hilarious. The musical director is funny how he directs Kane’s wife. He is annoying and funny when he states that some people cannot sing. In another scene we see Kane getting emotional after his wife left him especially when he mentions the word rosebud. His staff glares at him in a funny way. Further his childhood memories are adorable for instance when he plays in the snow. The way he manipulates his wife during breakfast is hilarious. Beautiful music playing in the background is awesome.
Kane is an angry person. When his wife dumped him he threw off almost all of his belonging. He tore his curtains and overturned the furniture in an amusing way. He is totally hysterical more especially when he staggers in between the mess he has caused. In his hometown while young, he attacked his sponsor using the sled in a funny way. In addition how the man fell down on the ground is absolutely hilarious.
This is a great movie worth watching.

Citizen Kane (1941)
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