Hush (2016)

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Hush is pretty straightforward. The movie is centered on a deaf author residing in an isolated region who is interrupted by her neighbor while cooking. She continues cooking but shortly after, her neighbor is attacked by an angry masked fanatic, Hush. The maniac kills her friend by slicing her throat. The angry maniac proceeds to knock at (Kate Siegel) Maddie’s kitchen door. Kate does not take not of this since she can’t hear. In a moment, Maddie senses danger. She quickly notices Hush and goes for the door but it’s too late. She is captured by the angry fanatic. This strange maniac is responsible for scary scenes in the movie. Kate is taken to a creepy destination well unimagined of. Being dumb she has to fight all odds to make it. Be quiet and watch this exciting, thrilling immense horror motion picture.
The cast and crew however small in number have done an incredible task. Events of the movie flow effortlessly. Hush is difficult to tell. Long anxiety periods leave a wide path of speculation that later on worsen. Moreover, Hush does not bare scary sounds at the background that definitely instill horror movie clues.
Beautiful magnificent scenes make the movie enticing. Perfect sound graphics from the movie definitely make it award winning. At the start, we hear Maddie slicing onions and breaking eggs. This gives us an impression of attractive and yummy food cooking. Besides, film maker, Jamies Kniest brings into view the gorgeous house and forest nearby in an exceptional way. The visual effects blended therein are outshined particularly shots filmed under dim lighting. The film as a result seems to be real.
There are terrifying parts in the movie. A case in point is where Hsush grabs Maddie’s phone leaving us to question what will happen next. What’s more is when Hush pulls Maddie powerfully on the ground; it’s such a creepy scene. The director has great imaginative skills that have encapsulated the storyline in a unique way.
Hush is a true horror movie. You can’t tell this unless you have watched it.

Hush (2016)
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