I, Robot (2004)

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The story of this movie revolves around detective Del Spooner who has certain hatred towards the robots. The era of 2035 is shown in this movie where human beings enjoy the life of technological advancement. The robots that serve people are known as Humanoid Robots and these robots are bound by three laws for the protection of the people. During his childhood, Detective Spooner got into an accident and a robot saved his life but a little girl lost hers because robot thought that saving her was not beneficial. At that time Spooner has received an organ transplant at the hands of Dr. Alfred Lanning.
Recently Lanning commits suicide but Spooner thinks that he got murdered. Spooning also finds out about a robot called Sonny and suspects that robot has murdered Dr. Lanning. Pairing up with Dr. Susan Calvin, he unravels the mystery the surrounds the technological world of Robots.
As usual Will Smith was at his best in this movie. The fact that he survived in a world full of robots but hated these machine-humans made this movie even more interesting. He held special feelings for Dr. Lanning because Lanning was his savior. Due to involvement of another robot in Dr. Lanning’s death, Spooner found it extremely hard not to get biased.
Sonny on the other hand, made a very dramatic entry in the movie, seemed evil at first but later on turned into the most darling thing ever. You can’t help but falling in love with the innocence of Sonny. The element of suspense is quite intriguing as you are going to feel a deep tension arising in your stomach with the passage of each scene.
Everything about this movie is appreciable; the sound-effects, the visual effects, the editing and the story. The witty remarks of Spooner regarding Sonny are yet another spicy element in the movie. There are many times in the movie where you will jump to the conclusion about the murderer of Dr. Lanning but every time you will find yourself wrong. The most amazing scene of this movie is the moment when Sonny draws a drawing of Spooner leading the robots toward freedom. Overall the movie is a good watch if you are searching for an exciting family movie.

I, Robot (2004)
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