London has fallen (2016)

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London has fallen is an American action movie. The story starts with the death of a British Prime Minister under mysterious conditions. After his death, leaders of the world come to London to pay their commiseration. Meanwhile, the terrorists make a devastating plan to murder all the leaders of the world present at the funeral and attack on the city that disturbs the city order and ruins the peace. During these circumstances, United states President Benjamin Asher, his tough secret service head Mike Banning and an energetic British MI-6 agent Jacqueline “Jax” Marshall comes into action in order to save the lives from a terrorist organization.
The movie is a big disappointment to even think of. The starting of the movie was a strange fun like everything was falling down and fake copes were slaying local populace. They were controlling the city’s cameras and the power grid. The world heads were getting whacked and murdered by those bad guys in the most strangest way. Only U.S. president was able to save himself due to his secret agent.
The movie was more about racism. The terrorist killed people and destroyed the city but the only one who was opposite to them was a secret service agent. So here the question comes, where was the England’s army, why it didn’t show up? It was like a one man show. The movie wanted to portray the United States as a super power and underestimated other countries. Countries like Japan, France, etc. could have helped to convict this act of terrorism.
The movie showed various landmarks of London that might uplift people mood to see it live. But unfortunately if one goes to see London after watching this movie, he gets shocked to see anonymous streets and buildings because the movie was mostly shot in Bulgaria.
The visual effects of the movie were pathetic and not so great. The digital effects were cheap. The violence showed in the movie was so exaggerated. The action was completely overdramatic. How the people were assaulted will make you feel sick. All these violent attacks were mixed with some sort of witticism that was again a failure. The action sequences are dull and unimpressive.
In short, the movie plot was so flat and stale and the London destruction was just a digital work.

London has fallen (2016)
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