Night at the Musiam (2006)

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Night at the Museum is an American fantasy-comedy film about the story of Larry Daley, a divorced man with a son named Nick. Larry’s ex-wife said that he’s a bad example to their child by not having a job. He fears that his son will like his stepfather more than him so he accepts a job as a night security guard at the Museum of Natural History. On his first shift as a guard he realizes and discovers that the museum transforms into an extraordinary one due to an ancient curse that gives the statues to life until dawn. Inexperienced Larry got the museum in complete chaos with a lot of mess to take care of, will he handle this kind of job? Who could thought a simple work could turn into an extraordinary kind of job because of a night at the museum?
This film is so entertaining, funny and kind-of educational because of the setting that takes place at a museum. In the morning, busy people wandering on the statues on the museum and at night the statues became alive like they have their own life. Isn’t cool? The story is actually based from a children book with the same title. Its jam packed of fun because of the great scenes in the museum and the characters that really looked so real, portraying a specific character from the history, book or a kind of animal.
One of the scenes that one will like is Larry’s interaction to the animals like Tyrannosaurus skeleton nicknamed “Rexy” who behaves like a dog and capuchin monkey named Dexter who steals Larry’s keys and tears up the instruction booklet. The animations and effect of the film is outstanding because they looked like real living things. The story doesn’t just focused about the life in the museum itself but it also tackles a father and a son story which is so touching and overwhelming that made the film more worth to watch. Night at the Museum is a film not only for kids but for anyone who wants to be entertained and for those who are craving for a fun-spectacled adventure film.

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