Paranormal Activity (2007)

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Paranormal Activity is an American paranormal horror film released on October 23rd 2015, starring Chris Murray, Brit Shaw, Dan Gill, Ivy George, Michael Krawic, Jessica Brown, Chloe Csengery, Mark Steger, Hallie Foote, Ivy George and Olivia Taylor Dudley. The film has been termed as the last of the paranormal activities. The director Gregory Plotkin and writers Jason Pagan, Adam Robitel and Andrew Stark have displayed an appealing and eye catching film.
The movie is a continuation of the paranormal activity 3 where the children are escorted by their grandmother to bed. An unknown person seems to following them with a camera. In paranormal activity 5, the Fleege family starts Christmas celebrations early. Mike (Dan Gill) a brother to Ryan (Chris Murray) joins the couple. Several videos are retrieved in the house by Mike that depicts the life of the former tenants. The latter included a mother with two daughters and a boyfriend. Her daughters practiced ghostlike activities. An old camera found in the house is believed to have spiritual powers that later on possess Leila.
The film has brought out amazing photos and images that seem to be real. The blend of visual effects is unsurpassed not disregarding that the shots taken were a bit risky. Breathtaking scenes therein make the movie worth watching. The pool is one such instance. Its architectural design is hard to believe and quite luxurious. Filming under dim lights is also incredible.
However there are also several scary portions of paranormal activity 5. For instance; the demon’s attack on Mikes’ camera is dreadful. Also the violent actions of the demon that overpower the Fleege family are astonishing. It is indeed scary to see an arm go through Ryan’s chest.
The cinematography is extremely award winning. The cast and crew have done an incredible task in coordinating the scenes and events of the movie. As a result there is an appealing first-class flow of events.
Horror movies are never that scary if you stick to the story.
Paranormal, a movie fit for all ages. What more can we ask for?

Paranormal Activity (2007)
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