Psycho (1960)

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A secretary, Marion Crane and her boyfriend are destined to get married. They cannot make it since the boyfriend owes a lot of money to different people. Later that afternoon she is approached by a client who is willing to invest in the real estate market. The customer makes a huge deposit. Marion intends to run away with this money. She packs her belonging and is scheduled to leave the town that day. Her boss notices this act but she manages to escape. A police officer at the superhighway discovers the Marion seems a little nervous. However he allows her to continue with the journey.
Marion arrives at Bates Motel while it’s raining. She is received by two individuals; Norman and his mother who reside there. She leaves for the bathroom after she hears a commotion by the two persons. She is suddenly stabbed by an unknown figure and left for the dead. Her body together with the money and luggage is buried in one of the swamps. Her sister with the help of the local investigator embarks on a search to locate her whereabouts. The investigator is killed in the process. It is then revealed that at the motel about ten years there lived a couple that was killed. The lady Mrs. Bates body was preserved by Norman and stored upstairs. It turns out that Norman is behind the death of the couple, investigator and Marion. He is arrested and placed in a cell awaiting examination.
The film has breathtaking scenes worth watching. An example is when Norman’s wig falls off the floor. This is totally hilarious. What’s more is his screaming act that is absolutely uproarious.
The film also has scary parts. The shower scene is one of the most daunting parts. How Crane is suddenly attacked and stabbed to death is shocking. Further the constant stabbing is scary and tormenting to any viewer. Her fall and blood oozing from her body is quite deafening. What’s even worse is that her eyes remain open after she died. Mrs. Bates mummified body is absolutely bloodcurdling and terrible. This is an anticipated. Norman is emotional after it is discovered that he is behind the death of all those people. Mrs. Bates voice on the other hand is calm and soothing but proves to be terrifying to Norman.
Psycho is a great piece of horror to watch.

Psycho (1960)
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