Pulp fiction (1994)

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Pulp fiction is a movie that spins around drug trafficking. The film includes hilarious comical events. Ving Rhames is a prominent drug dealer who has formed a powerful gang. What’s more is that he is a strong willed individual. He sends his gang members to retrieve a briefcase that is loaded with money. The duo embarks on the assigned journey. The trip is not easy at all. At the diner they are attacked by unknown attackers. The gang also gets to hang out with his wife when he is out for business. They find the briefcase and kill the thug. They later on resume their journey back to Rhames. However on their way back, they are destructed and resort to purchase heroin which Ving’s wife consumes having thought it was cocaine. Attempts to recuperate her prove successful and the couple enjoys a ride back home.
Wills is one of the gang members of Rhames. He is a strong fighter who has a friend who smuggles a gold watch and intends to deliver it to him. After realizing that he has lied to Ving he runs for his life. However he discovers that he forgot his watch in the motel. He goes back to collect it only to find an intruder; his fellow gang member. He shoots him and leaves the place. He is traced by Ving. The two are however captured and tortured by a pawn shop owner. Wills fights their rivals here and as a result they escape. They swear that its over between them and Rhames relocates to Los Angeles.
The manner in which Walken narrates the tale to Bruce Wills is adorable. On the other hand, Wills is keen and pays attention to every detail. The house is appealing. The walls have been engraved with beautiful artifacts. This depicts the appearance of a real home. The watch has an interesting story. Walken talks about the golden watch and how Bruce’ father hid it. The same was done by him for over two years.
The movie has several shooting scenes that are amazing to any action film lover. The best part of the movie is where Travolta and Jackson summon Brett. They question him but shoot his partner thus arousing unexpected fear. It’s funny how Travolta asks if he has got him mixed up’. At the point where John points the gun at Brett, it’s scary and one cannot imagine what will happen next. John is sarcastic when he forces Brett to describe how Ving Rhames looks like. For instance how he asks if Ving looks like a bitch’. The ‘quoting scripture’ scene too is irresistible. At the diner it gets uglier when John warns Tim Roth to tell his wife Amanda Plummer to put down the gun.
Pulp fiction is a great movie to watch.

Pulp fiction (1994)
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