Saving Mr. Banks (2014)

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Saving Mr. Banks is the real story about Walt Disney’s (Tom Hanks) promise to his daughters to make movie on “Marry Poppins” from their favorite book. This movie tells the tale of 20 yrs of struggle of Walt to fulfill his promise by attaining the rights of movie. Walt didn’t know he had to face inflexible, rigid and curmudgeon writer P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) who won’t easily allow her beloved and adorable characters to mingle in Hollywood’s machine. But when Travers gets short of money due to inadequate selling of book, she unwillingly accepts the Walt’s proposal. Will Mrs. Travers accept the proposal of Walt Disney to make one of the most extraordinary film of cinematic history?
This movie tells the untold story how the extra-ordinary and magical tale of “Marry Poppins” made to cinema. We all loved and grew up watching “Marry Poppins” Have you ever wondered how it made to cinema? Then certainly it’s a must watch taking you into a world how it is made and how it depicts the true story of author. It’s a self-congratulatory biography that has been produced in Hollywood ever.
The movie has well depicted the emotions and attachments of Mrs. Travers with the Marry Poppins, explaining why she is inflexible and rigid towards the story and doesn’t want any animations, slowly revealing his past in flashbacks. You will love the scenes when Kelly helps the rigid and inflexible Thompson on gravitas. I really enjoyed that how come my two favorite songs “A Spoonful of Sugar” and “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” came into existence. This will take you into your own childhood memorizing old days. The flashback of Mrs. Travers is too important showing a sweet and adorable Australian girl living with her sweet mother, adorable sister and loving but alcoholic banker father. This will make you deeply emotional why Mrs. Travers doesn’t want to compromise with the role of Mr. Banks and Marry Poppins.
This movie has a number of intense scenes that will melt your heart. Especially where Walt comes to know that the story is linked to her past and tells her to let go the ghost of past that haunts her and “Save Mr. Banks” or where she comes to watch the premiere of Marry Poppins unannounced with Thompson depicting her emotions in dark very well.
If you were a big fan of Marry Poppins in childhood then it’s a must watch taking you into the making of your favorite magical tale.

Saving Mr. Banks (2014)
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