Spy (2015)

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Spy is an American film of a story about Susan Cooper who works as a CIA analyst. She is a 40-year-old women who assists a field agent named Bradley Fine on the agency’s dangerous missions but one event changed her life that she became an undercover agent to infiltrate the world of a deadly arm dealer. She enters the world of being an actual spy on action that she haven’t been done before but with the help of her friends, will this work? The job is so much different from being a back-up or working from behind. Will she be a great agent or will it be a disaster?
Be prepare to laugh and hold your popcorns for a while because you might choke out while watching this film. This film was a very hilarious one and a clever film that will brighten up your day since it got so many scenes that you will absolutely like. The effects, the characters and setting were smartly made. This is one of the films that’s should be included in your list for the incredibly parody of being a secret agent- a female comic of James Bond. How about the spy gadgets? Any spy should have those but Susan Cooper’s gadgets were different from the usual ones that it made the film more funny and hilarious.
What was likable about this film is the heroine itself, she is charming, funny and the one who you will surely admired. It is a very memorable film for the great laughs it will give to you. All the actors and actresses were success in portraying their character. Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy are not much like a comedy duo but they nailed and worked wonderfully in this totally irresistible film. They all worked together well and brought the best to each other. Despite of the comedy it got, there is still a lesson and values you could get from it. To sum it up it is one enjoyable film that is undeniably one of the best and a must watch film that you will surely love

Spy (2015)
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