Ted 2 (2015)

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A comedy worth a lifetime!

Ted 2 is an American comical second to the movie Ted. A short marriage relationship is ended due to a teddy bear Ted, (Seth MacFarlane). Seth finds love but is faced with several challenges. He is unable to have children as a result Mark Wahlberg helps him find a sperm donor. Tom Patrick Brady is hesitant to help the duo hence they shatter his window and break into his home to steal his spermatozoa. Mark is willing again to lend Seth a sperm but his efforts are fruitless due to his large intake of drugs, he is sterile. In the search for a sperm donor, it is revealed that Seth is just a doll and as such an asset. He suffers numerous prejudices from divorce to unemployment. He gets a lawyer Amanda Seyfried who helps him out. MacFarlane has to beat all odds to make it.
The film has numerous eye-catching parts. The aerial view of the town is breathtaking. This parts looks like a warm welcoming home for any person. The church where the wedding takes place is incredible. There is a mixture of a spotless white carpet, full packed pews and dim lit lights in the church. Further the church has an antique architecture making the whole event adorable. Mike slips off the floor after accidentally sliding on his sperm. This is hilarious. What’s even funny is the fact that Seth threatens to take a picture of the event and post it on Facebook. Seth appears neat and spotless in church. His bride on the other hand is beautiful and stunning. I can’t fail to notice the preacher’s great sense of humor. The scene at the clinic looks real just like an up to date hospital. This is commendable.
The park where Seth and Mark often meet is beautiful. It has neat lawns and healthy green trees overlook the fountain spring. Another irresistible scene is where Seth poses the question, ‘who’s the black guy?’ This is uproarious. Everything about Ted 2 is exciting. His singing in court is adorable; it gets the judge in an excellent mood. Seth’s apology for his five year child is sarcastic and hilarious. I can’t help but laugh. This is one of the best comedy movies ever written. Amanda and Mark find love in an adorable way.
Wow, Just for laughs comedy is back again. Laughter is the best medicine.

Ted 2 (2015)
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