The Neon Demon (2016)

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Released on June 24th, 2016, The Neon Demon is an American thriller film full of the drama and suspense. The film is directed by Nicolas Winding Ref and the main cast includes Keanu Reeves, Elle Fanning, Karl Glusman, and Christina Hendricks.
The story-line of this movie basically revolves around a young girl by the name of Jesse. Jesse is shown as a struggling model that moves to Los Angeles in order to provide a boost to her career. But in Los Angeles she falls in a large trouble due to her beauty and stunning looks. Jesse becomes a prey to a group of women hungry for her beauty and looks. The story also revolves around four other main characters called Sarah, Gigi, Ruby and Jesse’s boyfriend Dean.
Although the film has been rated as good due to its unique and intriguing story-line still there are many issues attached with this film that make this film “not a routine-watch movie”. The story not only displays a lot of envy, jealousy but it also leads towards cannibalism and homosexuality. Watching this film is definitely not a good idea if you have a house full of kids. The entire content of this movie has been regarded as disturbing due to continuous display of nude scenes, obscene language along with blood and spatter.
On the other hand, if you have a rich appetite for extreme suspense, sexual scenes and blood-chilling fights then this movie will prove to be a great watch for you. The film basically reveals the inner nature of women working in the beauty industry that how much power-thirsty they are and how they have to compete with other women possessing the beauty of almost same level. The aspect of cannibalism provides a horror theme to this movie; however the rest of the movie contains unlimited suspense.
Every second person surrounding Jesse is shown to possess the bad intentions for her; none of them seems sincere except for Dean who protects her at different places. Due to the uncertainty in their relationship Dean leaves her which exposes her to the fashion world without any shelter or protection.

The Neon Demon (2016)
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