The Others (2001)

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A single mother lives in an isolated part of the town. She has two children; a boy and a girl. However these children suffer from a rare disease termed as light sensitivity. The daughter is talented in drawing. Few days after her shift to the town, three strangers pay her a visit. It’s after this that weird and bizarre things begin to unfold. The daughter can sense this and she immediately alerts her mother who dismisses her. The mother later on notices this after she happens to hear a ghostly voice in her house. She seeks help from the local priest who she finds tending to a graveside.
The strange events at her house make her delusional and she ends up hurting her daughter as she mistakes her for a ghost. She further gets hysterical and as a result kills her children using a pillow. An in depth search reveals that the ghosts are caused by a family of four that used to live in the house. It is alleged that the couple died from a disease as a result ghosts started tormenting the house. Days later she wakes up safe and sound only to realize it was just a dream. Her children are now healed. She vows to live in the house forever. In the end, the family bids farewell to the strangers.
This film has magnificent parts worth watching. The house though located in an isolated region is beautiful and antique. Another scene that is appealing to watch is the piano scene. Here we can hear someone playing the piano in a gorgeous manner. The family is warm and welcoming which is a delightful thing to see. Further the songs playing in the background are incredible.
The movie is not without fault. It’s scary to watch as the young boy is scared to death by ghost fingers. In another part the piano playing stops immediately after the lady gets into the room. This is a tense moment. The cracking of the door in Annie’s room is frightening and leaves her cuddled in her beddings. The neighborhood is filled with mist and cold times. This is even made worse by the ghostly voices in the house. The fake impersonation of Annie is shocking and creepy. This movie has depicted a great sense of tense moments that seem authentic.
The others is a great film to watch with family and friends.

The Others (2001)
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