The Purge: Election Year (2016)

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Senator Charlie Roan survived in the dark night of mayhem that took the lives of her beloved family members. After that, she became a Presidential candidate, she wanted to exterminate and stop the annually ritual of blood desire, crimes and purge once for all. But her enemies devised a deadly plot against her, Roan find herself trapped on the roads of Washington, DC. It’s now on former police sergeant Barnes who had become her head of security, to save her life for the period of 12 hours of lawlessness. His mission was to protect her in a run for president and to survive the yearly tradition that targets and kills innocent and poor people.

This movie had great and awesome action scenes which were intense as well as thrilling. The idea was a pretty good criticism of capitalism society; it went different point by using psycho religious extremists. Some scenes were awfully exciting to watch the amazing characters, like from senator to the NFFA association to the purge itself. They all stood amazing and surprising. The movie was good on every side of what purge is and what purge is doing; the poor gets eliminated, the rich get richer, and Election Year adjoins those who are poor, who fight back and who sees it as a holy day. The story gets improved at each time, even though the plot and characters inside the story were not that great or interesting but The Purge Election Year still made a fun watch. This final part or trilogy brings the idea closely related to the Real World problems.

This movie appears to be politically incorrect at some point and pointless quantity of intense violence. It shows inadequate character development. It’s a typical horror movie where good people or victims make bad decisions. There was a lack of chemistry between the characters, which made you feel bored. The major and real problem of this movie was that it tends to drag on many times, becomes slow at end parts. Once again, this movie had a lot of creepy thrills and good action scenes as the previous two installments. Apart from bad and negative reviews, the best thing about this movie is that it hadn’t lost its strength. It’s a good and great movie for summer entertainment!!

The Purge: Election Year (2016)
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