The Transformers age of extinction (2014)

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The Transformers age of extinction is an American-Chinese film released on 27th June 2014, starring Peter Cullen, Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci. This is a science fiction movie directed by Michael Bay and written by Ehren Kruger. It has also been sourced from the Transformers license.
It’s what they are made of’ is the tagline of the movie. There has been a huge advancement in modern physics since the splitting of the atom. As a result transformers have been made. Subsequently, a transformer is found in the remote places in the film. The past sixty five million years have been tough for human beings as aliens raided the earth causing enormous destruction. As a result, a group is formed to look into this. The group however terminates aliens as well as transformers since they are a menace. Terminators turn against human beings and hence believe in human extinction. They form a new army to aid in this conquest.
The movie is very inspiring and objects on the lesson of betrayal. The merger of visual effects in the film is unsurpassed. The film has several magnificent scenes worth watching. Shots taken with people hanging from electric wires are risky but portray real events. Scenes from mass destruction on property on the superhighway are worth noting. It’s easy to note multiple explosions occurring in the film as a result, it is livelier.
The use of live action in cinematography makes it an award winning movie.
The cast and the crew have made a massive job in aiding in the smooth flow of scenes. Nature is the mother of creation. The scenes in the film exhibit beautiful lawn grounds that are appealing to the consumer.
Michael Bay continues to show worthwhile creative thinking in the movie; transformers 2014. Consequently, transformers 6 series is yet to be released soon.
I can’t get enough of the transformer series.
Grab your popcorn box, sit back, relax and enjoy the thrilling experience brought to you by Michael Bay.

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