Whiplash (2014)

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This is an American film that bases its story on musical beginnings. Mike Teller is a naïve freshman at a celebrated institution in New York. He is eager to achieve his dream to becoming a prominent musician. Teller has been playing drums from a young age now. His dreams are however shuttered by J.K Simmons, a trainer at the jazz festival. His first attempt to practice the ‘whiplash’ manuscript proves unfruitful. Simmons often puts his students to too much torment to achieve the best results. Constant prejudice elevates Mike’s ability to the contrary. He is forced to beat all odds to impress Simmons.
Breathtaking scenes make the movie worth watching. For instance Mike’s drumming ability is poor but hilarious. You should have seen Simmons’s face. The stage is neatly arranged to assimilate the required number. Another scene that is appealing is at the café. Mike is happy at dinner time given the fact that he has been accompanied by his girlfriend. The cinematographer has captured well the busy life of New York; a city that operates twenty four hours a day.
It’s funny how Simmons jabs at the students. It’s only a joke. The film captures Teller’s anxious moments. He is determined to impress his master at all costs. He even goes to the extent of drumming till his hands bleed. Who does that? It’s maddening how he breaks up with his girlfriend just because of a career. What’s more is the drumming scene. The act is done in a way that sounds like pain to our ears except for professional who can distinguish classical beats. It’s so aggravating to watch Simmons throw insults at Mike all in the name of perfecting the latter’s skills. Blood for sweat should have been the title of the movie. Further the film depicts acts of humiliation. In one instance, Simmons slaps Mike since he can’t keep up with his poor drumming. Mike’s father plays the role of a good parent. He is often welcoming to his son and treats him with utmost respect. I can’t overlook the funny part where Mike ridicules his teacher causing an absurd scene. In the end, Simmons and Mike are united.
I enjoyed whiplash a lot. I didn’t move an edge from my TV.

Whiplash (2014)
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