Zootopia (2016)

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The movie is about the developed mammals in the world of ZOOTOPIA. These mammals have been adapted into some intellectual bipedal creatures. In the same urban land, a rabbit Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) wants to be a police officer. But her Chief Bogo doubts her potential because this job is usually done by large predator animals. Nobody is even noticing her but she is determined to prove herself so somehow she manages to pass the police academy. After that, she is posted to some part in the center of the city which is a melting pot where prey animals and predators live all together in peace. The story is about the hard work Judy Hopps does to get her talent praised.
ZOOTOPIA is one of the remarkable Disney animated movies. The movie beautifully illustrates the situations that may develop when people belonging to different culture live together. The result is not always harmony but sometimes there is biases and unfairness. ZOOTOPIA gives us the lesson of tolerance.This is an important message to absorb. The movie also focuses on getting going to accomplish your dreams because if you really want something you have to work until it happens.
The movie is no doubt has a great animation. This amazing animation and the perfect voice cast have made animals look real. It shows the great work behind this spectacular movie. The movie proceeds with the calculated pace and it keeps on surprising the viewers as it advances. This engages the audience till the end.
The scenes of the movie are efficiently sequenced. The character and actor matching are impeccable. All the characters are truly entertaining and have great chemistry. It is packed with huge laughter and hidden jokes. The movie is a complete family package. The songs of the movie are superb and they will keep bumping in your head for days.
Last of all, everything the movie from cast to character, animation to effects combine together to put forward this wonderful film.
The movie is really a joy to watch and you will not get disappointed for sure!

Zootopia (2016)
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